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Spoiler Alert!

Do not read this walkthrough unless you're really stuck...

1. Place the sun-shaped stone on the entrance doors to enter the house.

2. Use the wine bottle in the living room to fill the glass of wine in the kitchen. Collect the wooden key.

3. On the shelf at the work room, take the first piece of the puzzle.

4. Use the wooden key to open the closet in the parents' room and take a light bulb.

5. Placing the light bulb into the kitchen lamp reveals the colors sequence to open the pantry doors.

6. In the pantry you will find a watering can and a pry bar.

7. Fill the watering can in the bathroom. Water the flower in the entrance hall and take the battery.

8. Go into the bathroom and close the shower curtain to reveal the code. Use this code to unite the leather bag in the parents' room. Collect the key.

Note: Make sure to zoom on the code in the bathroom and click on it!

9. Open the kids room using the key you have found in the parents' room. Use the battery to activate the train in the kids room. Collect the eagle-shaped key.

10. Solve the riddle on the shelf in the kids room and get the first test tube.

Note: for further instructions regarding this riddle, see The Tower of Hanoi.

11. Use the eagle-shaped key to open the cell under the eagle in the entrance hall. Take the hoe.

Note: Make sure to zoom in when trying to open the eagle cell!

12. Use the pry bar to lift the floor tile in the work room and get the white key to open the garden's door.

13. Use the hoe to dig up the tile from the pit in the garden.

14. Use the code on the pillow in the living room to open the drawer at the fountain in the garden. Collect the rusty key (that opens the back door of the work room) and the star-shaped stone.

15. Use the star-shaped stone to open a drawer in the kids room. Take the second test tube.

16. Place the tile in the missing spot in the bathroom and collect the rope.

17. Use the rope to climb down the well. Collect the snake-shaped key and the elevator button.

18. Use the snake-shaped key to open the cell under the snake to find an axe.

19. Use the axe to open the passage in the garden.

20. On the window in the garden (when the curtain is closed) find the code to open the oven.

21. In the garden, under the stone, collect the lighter.

22. Use the code combination you have found to open the oven. Inside the oven you will find a chimney cleaner.


23. Lit the candle in the hallway and collect the screwdriver.

24. In the garden, use the screwdriver to open the ventilation shaft. Get the sun-shaped stone and the second piece of the puzzle.

25. Place the sun-shaped stone in the box located in the tree trunk. Collect the magnifying glass.

26. Use the magnifying glass to find the code on the rice. Open the safe in the work room with this code and get the statue's head.

27. Place the head of the statue in the garden. Take the record.

28. Put the record onto the record player to get a moon-shaped stone.

29. Use the moon-shaped stone to open the chest in the parents' room and collect the third test tube.

30. Use the elevator to get the roof and collect the third piece of the puzzle from the box to the left.

31. Clean the chimney with the chimney cleaner to push a box into the fire place.

32. Go to the living room and open the box inside the fire place using the time on the clock in the workroom. Collect the fourth piece of the puzzle.

33. Complete the puzzle in the living room (using the code on the book at the parents' room) to find the fourth test tube.

34. Use the four test tubes in the work room and get the wooden key. Open the chest in the kids room and get the dust cleaner.

35. Use the dust cleaner to clean the dust in the pantry. Open the secret door with the pry bar to reveal the puzzle on it.

36. Solve the puzzle under the dust (using the code on the picture near the elevator) and open the door to the secret room.

Note: Make sure to set the left up tile in the right order (yellow pipe points up).


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